Chinese Undergraduate Programs

The Chinese Program offers undergraduates a major, minor, and study abroad option.

Course Descriptions for Chinese

1001-2 Beginning Chinese I-II (4-4) P. Zhang and staff
The fundamentals of modern Mandarin Chinese, with training in the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, character writing and word processing. Laboratory fee. (Academic year)

1801 Chinese Poetry and the West (3) Jonathan Chaves
Masterpieces of Chinese poetry read in English translation, and compared to major Western poets. The history of the translation of Chinese poetry into Western languages, and the influence of Chinese poetry on Western poets. No knowledge of Chinese required. Dean's Seminar, for freshmen only. (Fall)

2003-4 Intermediate Chinese I-II (4-4) Miaochun Wei and Staff
Expansion of the learner's ability to handle everyday situations and tasks in Chinese, while furthering reading and writing skills along with cultural study. Prerequisite: CHIN 1002 or 1011 or equivalent to 2003, CHIN 2003 to 2004. Laboratory fee. (Academic year)

3105-6 Intermediate Chinese III-IV (3-3)  H. Zhang, H. Dong
Reading of semiformal to formal texts, short essay writing, conversation practice, and oral presentation. Prerequisite: CHIN 2004 or equivalent. Lab fee. (Academic year.)

3109-10 Introduction to Classical Chinese (3-3) Jonathan Chaves
Introduction to classical writings in Chinese literature, history, and philosophy. Prerequisite: CHIN 2004 or equivalent. (Academic year)

3111-12 Chinese Literature in Translation (3-3) Jonathan Chaves
An introductory course focusing on major works of poetry, drama, and the novel in their historical and social context. No knowledge of Chinese is required. (Academic year)

3123-24 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics I-II (3-3) H. Zhang, H. Dong
Introduction to the history of the Chinese language, modern Chinese grammar, sounds, dialects and social use. Analysis of linguistic structures of modern and classical Chinese. Lectures and discussions in English. Prerequisite: No prerequisites. But some general knowledge in Chinese and linguistics is helpful. (Academic year)

3136 Chinese Women in Myth, Literature and Films (3) Molly Frost
A study of the role of women in Chinese culture as seen through literature and modern films. Lectures and discussions in English. (Fall and Spring)

3162 Chinese Culture Through Films (3) Molly Frost
Survey of the Chinese cultural heritage presented through films. Topics include literature, philosophy, art, religion, and social history from prehistorical times to the modern era. Lectures and discussion in English. (Fall and Spring)

3171-72 Poetry of the Tang and Song Periods (3-3) Jonathan Chaves
Reading of works of leading poets. Discussion of content and style. Chin 3109 or equivalent. (Alternate academic years)

4107-8 Readings in Modern Chinese (3-3)  H. Dong, H. Zhang
Readings in selected modern literary works, social science materials, and documentary materials. Prerequisite: CHIN 3106 or equivalent. (Academic year)

4119  Business Chinese for Advanced Learners (3) P. Zhang 
Basics of business-related communication in both oral and written forms. Prerequisite: CHIN4107 or  4121W or equivalent approved by instructor. (Spring)

4121-22 Advanced Conversation & Composition I-II (3-3) P. Zhang and Staff
Enhancement of productive skills (speaking and writing) at the extended discourse level.  Prerequisite: CHIN4107 or by permission. (Academic year.)

4179-80 20th Century Chinese Literature (3-3) Liana Chen
Selected works of major 20th-century writers, including Lu Xun, Lao She, Zhang Ailing, and Bai Xianyong. Lectures and discussions in Chinese. Prerequisite: Chin 4107 or equivalent. (Academic year)

4185-86 Directed Reading (3-3) Faculty
Reading of material in the student's field of interest. For senior majors only. By permission of instructor. (Academic year)

4198-99 Proseminar: Readings for the Major in Chinese Language and Literature (3-3) Jonathan Chaves
Recommended for all majors. Preparation for advanced research in Chinese sources. One-on-one tutorials, seminar meetings, and practice in consulting Chinese reference works, both traditional and modern. Literary criticism; keeping abreast of sinological scholarship. Prerequisite: Chin 3106 or equivalent to 4198, CHIN 4198 to 4199. (Academic year)

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