Minor in Korean Language and Literature

Requirements for the Minor: 

  • The general requirements of the Columbian School of Arts and Sciences.
  • Prerequisite courses: KOR 1-2, 3-4 or equivalent.
  • Required for the minor: KOR 3105-6 and 12 additional credit hours of 3000-level up Korean courses

Departmental Approval

  • Once the minor application form has been completed, the student can bring the form to EALL for the departmental approval at 469 Rome Hall. Normally the form can be picked up within a week.


  • Please fill out the Minor Profile Form as soon as you have declared your minor. 

Study Abroad Program

  • Students are encouraged to participate in a study abroad program. 

Courses in Korean Language and Literature 1001-2: 

Beginning Korean I-II (4-4) Pak
Fundamentals of grammar and pronunciation, with graded speaking, reading, and writing practice. Laboratory fee. (Academic year)

2003-4 Intermediate Korean I-II (4-4) Pak
Continuation of grammar, with emphasis on speaking, reading, and writing. Laboratory fee. (Academic year)

3105-6 Intermediate Korean III-IV (3-3) Pak
Continuation of reading  texts, writing of short pieces, conversation, and systematic review of grammar. This course is totally focused on Business Korean. Laboratory fee. (Academic year)

3111-12 Korean Literature in Translation (3-3) Kim-Renaud
An introductory survey of traditional and modern Korean literature read in English translation: love and nature poetry; theater (classical drama, puppet plays); fiction; diaries. (Academic year)

3123-24 Introduction to Korean Linguistics (3-3) Kim-Renaud, Pak
The structure of the Korean language, including such topics as the structure of sounds and words, sentence meaning and structure, the writing system, adaptation of foreign vocabulary, pragmatics, variation, and change. Course conducted in English (Academic year)

3162 Korean Culture through Film (3) Finch
The intersection of gender, class, and nation in contemporary Korean society through the lens of Korean film. English subtitles;  lectures and discussion in English (Fall and spring).

4107-8 Readings in Modern Korean (3) Pak
Readings in selected modern literary works, social science materials, and documentary materials. Prerequisites: KOR 3106 or equivalent. Continuation of reading of basic texts, writing of short pieces, conversation, systematic review of grammar. Laboratory fee. (Academic year)

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