Minor in Jazz Studies

This program is designed for students who have chosen another field of study as a major, but who wish to elect a minor in jazz and contemporary music. Students whose post-college plans include playing in jazz, rock, or blues bands will find this program especially suited to them. The nucleus of the program consists of private lessons and ensembles under faculty direction. Further experience is gained in the jam sessions held each week. Course work includes basic tune writing, a survey of jazz styles, and an introduction to recording studio technology.

Prerequisite Courses: (3 cr.)

MUS 1101 (2 cr.): Elements of Music Theory (Fall & Spring)
Notation, scales, keys, intervals, terms, rhythms, and chord structure and progression. Introduction to music literature,
with emphasis on rudimentary aural analysis. (Fall and Spring)

MUS 1051 or 1052 (1 cr.): Class Piano for Beginners (Fall & Spring)
Study of the rudiments of musical notation and piano playing in a small classroom setting. (Fall and Spring)

Music Curriculum: (20 cr.)

Theory & Musicianship (11 cr.)

MUS 1102 (3 cr.): Comprehensive Musicianship I (Fall & Spring)
Aural and keyboard skills development through dictation, sight singing, and performance and improvisation at the
keyboard. (Fall and Spring)

MUS 2173 (2 cr.): Jazz Musicianship (Fall)
Aural and keyboard skills development through dictation, sight singing, and performance and improvisation at the
keyboard, with emphasis given to skills associated with jazz performance. PR: MUS 1102. (Fall)

MUS 2174 (3 cr.): Jazz Harmony (Spring)
Analysis and composition of tunes in jazz/pop styles. Study of rhythmic characteristics, voice-leading, and chord/scale
relationships within a jazz context. PR: MUS 1102. (Spring)

MUS 2661 (3 cr.): Electronic Music I (Fall )
Fundamental electronic and computer music concepts. Analog and digital sound synthesis techniques and theory, MIDI,
studio recording techniques, signal processing, properties of sound, acoustics and psycho-acoustics, history and
aesthetics. Laboratory fee.

History & Literature (3 cr.)

MUS 1108 (3 cr.): History of Jazz (Spring)
Introduction to the styles, composers, and performers of jazz music from its origins to the present. (Spring)

Performance (6 cr.)

MUS 1571, 1572, 2071, and/or 2072 (1 - 2 cr.): Jazz Performance Techniques
A total of 4 credits must be taken from any combination of these courses

MUS 1061 and/or 1071 (1 cr.): Instrumental Ensemble or Jazz Band
A total of 2 credits must be taken; courses should be taken in consecutive semesters

TOTAL CREDITS IN MINOR: 20 (23 with prerequisites)