New Courses - Spring 2013

Spring 2014 Proseminars 

"Heidegger's Being and Time"

Professor Ralkowski 

Time: Wednesday 3:30 - 6:00 

PHIL 4198.80 HONR 2175.82 CRN: 95381

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"Kant's Critique of Pure Reason"

Professor Laura Papish 

Time: Tuesdays 11:10 - 1:00 

PHIL 4198.10 CRN: 90857

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Looking to Enhance Your Freshman Experience?

Dean’s Seminars are small, seminar-style courses providing first-year Columbian College students with a focused intellectual challenge as they explore significant academic issues under the guidance of full-time faculty members. Students engage in directed critical inquiry while exploring the unique resources of the nation’s capital and the University. They not only learn to evaluate the scholarship and traditions that have formed our world view, but also create their own scholarship of consequence.