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About Professor Samuel Goldman, Politics & Values Program

I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science at GW. My specialty is Political Theory, the study of the ideas and values that influence political life. I am especially interested in the intersections between religion and politics. For centuries, some of the most controversial and interesting political debates have been inspired by tensions between faith and reason, church and state, or piety and civic virtue.

In Politics & Values, I will also teach the other main fields of political science: American Politics; Comparative Politics; and International Relations. We can’t understand politics by studying ideas and values alone. We also have to look at the way that ordinary citizens, politicians, interest groups, and states actually behave.

Next year will be my first teaching Politics & Values. Before coming to GW, I taught at Princeton and Harvard, where I also earned my Ph.D. in political science. At Harvard, I specialized in teaching writing. In Politics & Values, I will use techniques I learned there to help students craft insightful, original, well-organized research essays and papers.

I love teaching and learning, but I haven’t spent all my time on campus. I grew up in suburban New Jersey, where I spent most of my time listening to punk rock and reading science fiction. I am also a passionate eater (and cook). I’m excited to explore new cuisines and restaurants in Washington, D.C.

Politics and Values is not an ordinary class—it’s a living and learning community. So I look forward to getting to know you informally, as well as in the classroom. Feel free to email me [insert link] with any questions about P&V. I hope to see you in the fall!

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