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Students Seeking Positions, 2013-2014

In recent years, The George Washington University has made a large investment in the Political Science Department and its commitment to training graduate students for research and teaching careers. The individuals who are on the market this year reflect this commitment. As you will see, many of them have published in leading journals, presented papers at professional meetings, and secured a variety of fellowships and awards. We are confident that these ABDs and recent PhDs have bright political science futures. We hope you will consider hiring one of them. Please do not hesitate to contact Steve Balla, our director of graduate placement, or any of our faculty members if you have questions about any of our candidates.

Name   Fields   Dissertation Title   Committee   CV  
Banks, Davy IR, M Diplomatic Rituals in International Society Martha Finnemore (chair), James Goldgeier, Henry Farrell, Robert Adcock  
Bauer, Kelly  CP, M
Indigenous Mobilization in Chile: The Politics of Land Reform and Inequality
Cynthia McClintock, Henry Hale, Emmanuel Teitelbaum CV
Clark, Joesph IR, M Innovation Under Fire: The US Army, Doctrinal Innovation, and the Wars in Vietnam and Iraq James Lebovic (chair), Christopher Deering, Elizabeth Saunders  
Crawford, Kerry IR, CP Punctuated Silence: Variation in the International Response to Wartime Sexual Violence Jim Lebovic (chair), Michael Barnett, Kimberly Morgan  CV
Fox, Colm CP, IR Appealing to the Masses: Institutions, Identity, and Electoral Competition in Southeast Asia Henry Hale (chair), Susan Sell, Nathan Brown, William Liddle (The Ohio State University)  CV
Haselswerdt, Jake AP, M The Politics of Tax Expenditures: Three Essays on Policymaking Through the U.S. Tax Code Sarah Binder, Brandon Bartels, Kimberly Morgan  CV
Jurkovich, Michelle IR, CP Boomerang or Buckshot?: The Role of Blame Diffusion in the Right to Food Susan Sell (chair), Martha Finnemore, Kimberly Morgan  
Mitchell, Christopher CP, IR Saving The Market From Itself: Bailouts, Nationalizations, and the Politics of Financial Intervention Harvey Feigenbaum (chair), Susan Sell, Emmanuel Teitelbaum CV
Murphy, Dawn IR, CP Rising Revisionist? China‚Äôs Relations with the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa in the post-Cold War Era David Shambaugh (chair), James Lebovic, Susan Sell, David Shinn, Robert Sutter  CV
Sullivan, Charles CP, IR Motherland: Soviet Nostalgia in Post-Soviet Russia Henry Hale (Chair), James Goldgeier (American University), Henry Farrell, Eric McGlinchey (George Mason University) and Muriel Atkin CV
Wilcox, Richard IR, CP Pacifying Leviathan: United Nations Peace Operations and Post-Civil War State Repression Jim Lebovic (chair), Eric Lawrence, Susan Sell  CV
Whitlark, Rachel IR, CP All Options on the Table? Nuclear Proliferation, Preventive War, and a Leader's Decision to Intervene Charles Glaser (chair), James Goldgeier (American University), Elizabeth Saunders CV