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Political science faculty are actively engaged in a diverse set of research enterprises. Our expertise can be placed within the broad fields of political science (American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, Public Policy, and Quantitative Methodology). However, many of the faculty engage in research that crosses disciplinary lines. The George Washington University supports those research endeavors through centers and institutes.

Many of our faculty members also have blogs in concert with faculty members and researchers from other universities, where they discuss current events and their research. Some of these blogs include: The Monkey Cage, Crooked Timber, and Abu Aardark's East Blog hosted in Foreign Policy

Faculty Publishings: Islamist Movements

In When Victory Is Not an Option: Islamist Movements in Arab Politics, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs Nathan J. Brown analyzes the Islamic political movements in Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, and Palestine, examining their evolving structures and ideological values, and how their growing involvement in the electoral process might impact the Islamic political system.

Faculty Publishings: Social Policy

Kimberly J. Morgan, associate professor of political science and international affairs, co-authored The Delegated Welfare State Medicare, Markets, and the Governance of Social Policy.