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Undergraduate Political Science Course Syllabi

Undergraduate Courses

For more information about PSC major and minor course requirements please visit our Requirements page.

Intro courses

Number Course Name Syllabus
PSC 1001 Introduction to Comparative Politics  Download
PSC 1002 Introduction to American Politics and Gov.         Download
PSC 1003 or IAFF 1005 Introduction to International Relations  Download


Group A, Comparative Politics

Number Course Name Syllabus
PSC 2330 Comparative Politics of Western Europe Download
PSC 2331 Comparative Politics of Central and Eastern Europe Download
PSC 2332 European Integration Download
PSC 2334 Global Perspectives on Democracy Download
PSC 2336 State-Society Relations in the Developing World Download
PSC 2337 Development Politics Download
PSC 2338 Nationalism Download
PSC 2366 Government and Politics of Russia Download 
PSC 2367 Human Rights Download
PSC 2369 Comparative Politics of South Asia  
PSC 2370 Comparative Politics of China and Northeast Asia  
PSC 2371 Politics and Foreign Policy of China Download
PSC 2373 Comparative Politics of Southeast Asia Download
PSC 2374 Politics and Foreign Policy of Japan Download 
PSC 2377 Comparative Politics of the Middle East Download 
PSC 2379 Politics and Foreign Policy of Israel Download
PSC 2381 Comparative Politics of Middle and Southern Africa              Download
PSC 2383 Comparative Politics of Latin America  Download 
PSC 2993 Special Topics in Comparative Politics Download 


Group B, American Government and Politics

Number Course Name Syllabus
PSC 2211 State and Urban Politics Download
PSC 2212 State and Urban Policy Problems Download
PSC 2213 Judicial Politics Download
PSC 2214 US Constitutional Law and Politics I Download
PSC 2215 US Constitutional Law and Politics II Download
PSC 2216 The American Presidency Download
PSC 2217 Executive Branch Politics (cross-listed with PAd 2117) Download
PSC 2218 Legislative Politics Download
PSC 2219 US Political Parties and Politics Download
PSC 2220 Public Opinion Download
PSC 2221 US Political Participation Download 
PSC 2222 Science, Technology, and Politics  
PSC 2224 Issues in Domestic Public Policy: Poverty, Welfare & Work Download
PSC 2224 Issues in Domestic Pulic Policy: Domestic Energy Download
PSC 2224 Issues in Domestic Public Policy: Environmental Law & Policy Download
PSC 2225 Women and Politics Download 
PSC 2228 Media, Politics, and Government Download
PSC 2229 Media and Politics (cross-listed with SMPA 3428) Download
PSC 2992 Special Topics in American Politics  Download


Group C, International Politics, Law, and Organizations

Number Course Name Syllabus
PSC 2439 International Political Economy Download
PSC 2440 Theories of International Politics                                        Download
PSC 2442 International Organizations  Download
PSC 2444 Public International Law  Download
PSC 2446 US Foreign Policy  Download
PSC 2449 International Security Politics  Download
PSC 2461 European-Atlantic Relations  
PSC 2468 Post-Soviet Foreign Policy Download 
PSC 2475 International Relations of East Asia Download
PSC 2476 The Arab-Israeli Conflict  Download
PSC 2478 International Relations of the Middle East  Download
PSC 2482  African International Politics  Download
PSC 2484  International Relations of Latin America  Download
PSC 2994  Special Topics in International Politics  Download


Group D, Research Methods

Number Course Name Syllabus
PSC 2101 Scope and Methods of Political Science                              Download
PSC 2104 Methods of Public Policy Analysis  


Group E, Political Thought

Number Course Name Syllabus
PSC 2105 Major Issues of Western Political Thought I Download
PSC 2106 Major Issues of Western Political Thought II                       Download
PSC 2107 20th Century Political Thought Download
PSC 2108 Freedom and Equality Download
PSC 2110 American Political Thought Download
PSC 2120 Freedom in US Pop Culture Download
PSC 2991 Special Topics in Political Thought  


Pro-seminar, PSC 3192W

Course Name Syllabus
Advanced Arab Israeli Conflict                                                          
American Political Campaigns Download
British Politics Download
China's Transformations Download
Chinese Foreign Policy Download
Constitution: History & Ideas Download
Development Challenges in Africa Download
Health Care Policy Download
Identity: Political Conflict and Change Download
Immigration, Integration, and Identity Download
Israeli Politics and Society Download
Israeli Relations Download
Leadership Download
Legislative Politics Download
Liberalism, Democracy, and Empire Download
Mobilization & Protest: Comparative Perspectives  
Numbers and Experiments Download
Political Conflict and Change Download
Political Violence Download
Politics and History of the Holocaust Download
Politics of Inequality in the U.S. Download
Politics of Justice Download
Politics of Regulation Download
Religion and Politics Download
Role of Congressional Leadership Download
State Society Relations in East Asia Download
Supreme Court Decision-Making Download
Theories Enmity  
US - Israeli Relations Download

Spring 2014: Undergraduate Advising Hours

Advising hours will take place in Monroe Hall rooms 401 and 402. 

Monday: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday: 11:00am - 2:00pm
Wednesday: 12:00pm-3:00pm
Thursday: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Advising hours are walk-in only. No appointments are made.