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Speaker's Series

We are excited to announce our 2013-2014 schedule for our Guest Lecture Series.  All lectures are held on Tuesday evenings, begin at 5:00 pm and provide ASHA CEUs (unless otherwise stated).  Although free, all events require registration.  


  • Pre-Registration: contact Department Operations Supervisor (DOS) at (202) 994-7362 or via email at
    • Please inform DOS if you would like ASHA CEUs and/or a Certificate of Attendance
  • On-site Registration: will be held 15 minutes prior to each lecture  


Spring 2014 Guest Lecture Series

April 25, 2014 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm

"What's the Scoop on Implementation Science?" followed by a "Research Poster Presentation Showcase" by Undergraduate and Graduate Students

  • Margaret Rogers, PhD, ASHA Fellow.  Dr. Rogers was previously a professor at the University of Washington (1992-2007), and has served as ASHA's Chief Staff Officer for Science and Research since 2007.  She oversees ASHA's National Center for Evidence-based Practice and National Outcomes Measurement System, ASHA's publications, surveys, and academic affairs and research education units. 
  • GWU Department of Speech and Hearing Science, Research Poster Presentations
    • Alexina Bratton, Kimberly Clark, Laura Garabedian, Cynthia Core, PhD and James Mahshie, PhD - "Relationships Between Standardized & Behavioral Language Measures for Children with Cochlear Implants"
    • Olivia Cali - "Assessing Cognitive Bias in Persons Who Stutter (PWS)"
    • Robert Dewey, Nathaniel Friedman (author but not presenting), Rebecca Rutkowski (author but not presenting), Cynthia Core, PhD and James Mahshie, PhD - "The Influence of Lexical/Syntactic Information on Perception of Intonation in Children with Cochlear Implants"
    • Hilary Gray - "The role of the left inferior frontal cortex in resolving syntactic-semantic conflict: A neuropsychological study"
    • Heather Gross - "Acoustic, Aerodynamic, and Glottal Measures of the Voice During Pregnancy"
    • Joanna Pfister - "Assessing Language Abilities in Young Bilinguals: Parent Report versus Examiner-Administered Measures"
    • Chiara Scarpelli - "Predictors of Successful Bilingual Speech Acquisition at 48 Months"
    • Samantha Shepard - "Communication Strategies for Health Care Providers working with TBI Survivors"
    • Samantha Shepard and Carla Traub - "Assessment and Treatment of Social Perception Deficits Post TBI: Lying and Sarcasm Interpretation"
    • Charlotte Sturgill - "Cross-Linguistic Comparisons of Dysfluency in Native English Speakers and Native Spanish Speakers"
  • Not all participants with GWU Research activities will be presenting.  Poster presentations are faculty (Cynthia Core, James Mahshie), graduate students (Alexina Bratton, Olivia Cali, Kimberly Clark, Robert Dewey, Hilary Gray, Joanna Pfister, Samantha Shepard, Charlotte Sturgill, Carla Traub), undergraduate students (Heather Gross, Chiara Scarpelli), or previously employed lab manager (Laura Garabedian) in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science at the George Washington University. 
  • Location: GWUs Media and Public Affairs Bldg., Room 309 for the lecture then GWUs Hall of Government, Room 201 for the Poster Presentations and Reception
  • Additional Learning Outcomes:
    • Define implementation science
    • Describe how implementation science complements other approaches to clinical practice research
    • Explain the role of implementation science and outcomes measurement in the evolving health care landscape
    • Describe the effect of social situations on speech fluency patterns in persons who stutter and those who do not
    • Describe how or if syntactic-semantic conflict affects language comprehension in persons with frontal lobe damage, in comparison to persons who have damage in non-frontal regions of the brain
    • Describe the relationship between pregnancy and its effect on visual analyses of vocal fold mucosa, aerodynamic function, and glottal efficiency
    • Describe the influence of lexical/syntactic information on the perception of intonation in children with cochlear implants
    • List predictors of successful bilingual speech acquisition in preschool-aged children
    • Describe the comparison of language abilities in young bilingual children, between parental report and standardized measures
    • Describe the differences in dysfluency rate and position that may be due to differences in the language structure between Spanish and English speakers
  • Disclosure Statement: Margaret Rogers has a financial relationship with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, which pays her salary.  Dr. Rogers has no financial or non-financial relationship with the GWU Department of Speech and Hearing Science.  She will be an invited guest to a reception following the presentation.
  • Disclosure Statement: The graduate or undergraduate students at GWU in the Dept. of Speech and Hearing Science, pay tuition to the University for their course of study.  Olivia Cali and Carla Traub received a one-time non-renewable scholarship for 2012-2013 academic year that provided full-tuition and a stipend in exchange for 20-hours work in the Dept. per week.  Robert Dewey is a research assistant for current 2013-2014 academic year that provides full-tuition and a stipend in exchange for 20-hours work in the Dept. per week.  Chiara Scarpelli and Heather Gross are current recipients of Luther Rice Scholarships, which provided monetary awards for their research efforts.  Alexina Bratton, Olivia Cali, Kimberly Clark, Hilary Gray, Samantha Shepard, Charlotte Sturgill, and Joanna Pfister have no current financial relationship with the GWU Dept. of Speech and Hearing Science.  Laura Garabedian was previously employed by and received salary and benefits from the GWU Dept. of Speech and Hearing Science.  She has no current financial or non-financial relationship with the GWU Dept. of Speech and Hearing Science.  

Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

Alumna Ellen Zane BA ’73 was awarded the 2010 George Washington University Distinguished Alumni Award by the GW Alumni Association. Zane, who earned her master’s degree in speech/language pathology and audiology from Catholic University, is the president and CEO of Tufts Medical Center.